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Remitly helps people send money to Fiji and Tonga, from a mobile phone or computer

Remitly helps people send money internationally from a mobile phone or computer, going beyond the transaction to help immigrant communities thrive.

Remitly Apps are available for iPhone and Android. Remitly offers money transfers to Fiji and Tonga from Australia. Remitly also offers direct bank account transfers for pick up in over 10,000 locations.

In order to register for the service, customer needs to provide any one of the following as the proof of identification in a scanned or imaged color format: Passport or Visa, Driver’s Licence (Current), AU Proof of Age Card, National Identity Card, AU Birth Certificate, AU Citizenship Certificate, Citizenship certificate issued by a foreign government. Customer also needs to provide a government, bank, or local authority-issued document that shows a current, non-post office box address. Bills and statements must be less than 90 days old, and can be provided in a scanned or imaged format. Address document examples: Driver’s Licence (Current), Financial statements, Utility bills, Notice of council rates, Notice of tax assessment by the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink statements.