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Rocket Remit

Rocket Remit helps people send money instantly to the Pacific, from a mobile phone or computer

Rocket Remit

Rocket Remit helps people send money instantly from Australia to the Pacific, empowering families financially to improve their quality of life.

The Rocket Remit app is available to download for iPhone and Android. Rocket Remit sends money instantly to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu at competitive rates, with no hidden fees or charges. Rocket Remit offers Mobile Money transfers, a method for sending money that does not require an app – only a registered mobile phone number.

Rocket Remit is partnered with the following mobile money services:

  • Fiji –  Digicel and Vodafone M Paisa mobile wallets
  • Samoa – Digicel MyCash and Vodafone M Tala mobile wallets
  • Tonga – Digicel MyCash
  • Vanuatu – Vodafone M Vatu mobile wallet

In order to register for an account, customer needs to either; enter details from any one of the following as proof of identification: Passport, Driver’s License (Current), Electoral roll details or upload a scanned or photographed version of: Telephone bill, Tax Assessment Notice, Water Bill, Electricity or Gas Bill or Credit Card statement.

Sign up for a Rocket Remit account online and receive a $5 BONUS

Rocket Remit is offering a $5 bonus to all customers who register online for a Mobile Money account. The first time you send money with Rocket Remit, your family or friends overseas will receive the added $5 bonus.

Click here to sign up and receive your $5 BONUS