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Spotlight on WanTok Money July 29, 2021

New service makes sending even easier

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There’s a new kid in town! WanTok Money is a new mobile money service that has just begun offering money transfers to the Pacific, and the good news is that anyone with a mobile can now receive money.

Wantok Money is Tongan owned company that allows people in Australia and New Zealand to send money to any mobile number in Tonga and Vanuatu. It is the result of innovation and partnership between the new company and KlickEx – a leader in Pacific remittances.

They offer a new solution for Pacific families with members in Australia and New Zealand.

Convenient receiving

The central feature of this service is that anyone can receive transfers, all they need is a mobile number. Any mobile number. This is important because it allows people who are unbanked – don’t have a bank account – to receive money and gives them the agency to manage their money, and does not restrict users to any mobile operator for phone or data services. No need to change SIM cards to get money!

Furthermore, the receiver does not need to pre-register to receive money. As long as they have a valid mobile number, they are eligible. The receiver can then check their balance any time and pay for certain bills and straight from their mobile, after a short KYC/(ID) or cash out process, once they are fully set up.

Safe, and Secure

WanTok and KlickEx have taken special precautions to ensure that the person with the phone number, is the person you intend to send to. WanTok operates on one single platform, for senders and receivers, allowing greater control and prevention by senders, of incorrect numbers.

When setting up, the recipient will receive a SMS notification when the money arrives and they’ll be able to cash out at any WanTok Money agent, by providing ID on their first transfer, and a special 12 digit code.  Subsequent transactions will require only the phone authorisation, and an easy, secure paperless confirmation at the cash out location.

Unlike other operators, there are no limits on the size or the amount of the cash out. Maximum send limits still apply from NZ and Australia.

Straightforward sending

WanTok have made the process easy for existing KlickEx customers, allowing them to log in with their existing details, no need to set up a new account. There’s no need to be a Digicel or TCC customer anymore, users can even get a WanTok Mobile number, with local and overseas numbers.

To top it off, this month, WanTok Money are offering a chance to win a T$100 shopping voucher for use at the PTH store in Nuku’alofa. There are 10 vouchers up for grabs. More details available at www.wantokmoney.com

Wondering how to get started?

To send money, you will have to log on (with your KlickEx ID) or register a new account at www.wantokmoney.com by creating and verifying your email and ID (standard for the industry), and deposit money into your account with a bank transfer, which is done via WantokMoney.com instantly, from most Banks in both NZ and Australia.

Lastly, provide your recipient’s name and phone number, and you’re ready to send.

To receive money, all the recipient requires is a phone number, and the service will automatically create a mobile wallet. They will receive an SMS when the money arrives into their wallet. Once they have received the instant notification, they can cash out at a WanTok Money agent, by providing ID, and verifying they are the true recipient.

There are currently no fees and no limits for cashing out at these agents. Check the website for where to find a nearby agent.

How does it compare to other money transfer options?

SaverPacific is a free service that compares money transfer services to the Pacific from Australia and New Zealand. We recommend investigating all the options so that you can have confidence you’re getting a good deal when you send. Compare WanTok Money and others to find the service that’s perfect for you and your family using SaverPacific’s comparison.