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Blog December 24, 2020

Holiday Hacks: How to Celebrate Away From Home

A blog on making the most of celebrating the holidays away from home


For those celebrating Christmas, the 25th of December may be very different from the usual due to COVID-19. Many are unable to visit families back home due to tighter borders or lockdowns in their respective host countries. Feelings of missing out and loneliness are unavoidable during this period but are now even more heightened.

But Christmas does not have to be lonely. Try the tips below to keep the joy and cheer on this special day even when you’re far from home:

● Schedule video calls with family and friends through platforms such as Facebook, FaceTime, Skype and many others.

● Arrange a lunch or dinner with friends in your host country, such as your housemates or expat communities.

● Explore how locals celebrate Christmas and try their traditions. This can help with the homesickness and missing family traditions.

● To stay in the spirit of giving, consider arranging for delivery of presents or send money back home. You can use the SaverPacific app to compare and find the best rates for your remittances.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!