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Blog December 18, 2020

Holiday Hack: Actively look for deals and discounts

Hacks to save money during this holiday season


As the International Migrants Day and holiday season approaches, the delicious food and joyous celebrations become a marker of well-deserved rewards for many migrants after another year of working hard. However, this season can also foster stress amongst many—both financially and emotionally—as we try to balance giving the best we can provide without breaking the bank. Through careful planning and mindfulness, the holiday season can be made easier and lighter in your pocket. We share a series of holiday hacks for migrants to make it easier to share their hard-earned money.

Holiday Hack: Actively look for deals and discounts

The holidays also bring numerous sales. This makes it more important to shop around for the best value offers. Most products are sold by many competing retailers that want your business. Once you know what to get, it is worth spending a couple of minutes checking online for cheaper prices or best promotions that can often be price-matched in-store.

For most migrants, sending money home is their way of sharing to their family and friends back home during the holidays despite of the distance. It isn’t only tangible products that you can save money on; you can save on your remittances too. Using tools like the SaverPacific Compare Rates to get the best value exchange rate so your family receives more for less fees is another way to save. It also enables you to determine which money transfer method is best for you in terms of convenience and speed in addition to cost.