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Island Flexi Transfer

Send money to Tonga from anywhere in Australia

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Island Flexi Transfer can help send money from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in the Kingdom of Tonga. Whether it is from Queensland to Nuku’alofa, Uluru to Niuatoputapu, Tasmania to Nomuka or from Darwin to Eua, this money transfer service can assist.

To send with Island Flexi, start by completing the Google form on their website. They accept payment in three ways:

  1. Online deposit to our bank account (via Osko or BSB and account number).
  2. Deposit cash at an ANZ ATM
  3. Deposit cash at an ANZ branch

If you need assistance sending via these online methods, Island Flexi understands, they are happy to help by providing you with individual instruction to help you send using online or mobile phone deposits.